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The Loyalty EP is now the best selling rock album on Bandcamp right now, to everyone who bought a copy, thank you so much, and don’t forget you can buy your own copy if you go here:

Every single bit of money earned goes to 2 charities of our choosing, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Cancer Research UK. We’ll be giving the EP another 2 weeks(ish) and then after those 2 weeks, all money raised will be sent off to the charities. So why not go ahead a buy a copy, it’s for a good cause, thanks again everyone :)



Just found out from Equestria Daily on Twitter [ @equestriadaily ] that The Hub has deemed October “AppleJack Month” on their FaceBook page.  

It’s about time AppleJack (aka “Best Pony”) receives some well deserved love & recognition!!!

Happy Applejack Month y’all!!! 


Oh hey look, October suddenly became best month, no seriously, between seeing Hey Ocean! tonight with Edd and other friends, the airing of Supernatural series 9, Pokemon X&Y’s release, me being able to go to MCM London Comic-Con and Halloween to top it all off it pretty much did become the best month, add this on top, pretty much perfection for me right there.

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